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Bill 64: “The Education Modernization Act”

What is Manitoba’s Bill 64? Would it truly “modernize” the K-12 public education system? Learn more about this embattled piece of legislation!
2 Sep 2021

Bill 21: Targeting Racial and Religious Minorities in Canada

Quebec's secularism bill, also known as Bill 21, is one of controversy and serious human rights concerns. Learn more about Bill 21 in this article.
2 Jul 2021

The Right to Strike: The Charter and Challenges

The following blog post explores the link between the right to strike and human rights. Read to learn more!
24 May 2021

What is Human Rights Education?

MARL’s work is built on the foundation of Human Rights Education (HRE). But what is HRE and how can it help achieve systemic equality?
29 Apr 2021

The Emergency Measures Act: Manitoba’s Legislative Response to COVID-19

In Manitoba, the COVID-19 pandemic led to the implementation of The Emergency Measures Act, a rare and powerful legislation. Read to learn more!
27 Apr 2021

Bill 16: The Labour Relations Amendment Act

Learn about Manitoba's Bill 16: The Labour Relations Amendment Act and how it could impact you.
26 Mar 2021

What is The Manitoba Human Rights Commission?

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission receives and investigates complaints regarding Human Rights Code violations in Manitoba.
4 Feb 2021

Mi'kmaq Fishing Rights are Human Rights

Recently, tensions have escalated in Nova Scotia regarding Indigenous fishing rights. This post tackles the conflict and its link to human rights!
23 Oct 2020

Defunding the Police Yay or Nay?

Defunding the police, should we do it? This blog post aims to explore this question!
27 Aug 2020

What Future Do we Want?

Ethical Perspectives and Legacy of Recent Civil Disobedience Protests
10 Apr 2020

Canada’s History with Black History Month

February is also the month in which Canadians and our neighbors to the South celebrate Black History Month.
24 Feb 2020

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD)

New studies suggest that the prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD) in the Canadian population is higher than previously thought.
9 Oct 2019

Navigating mental health issues in the workplace

What do you do when you are faced with a situation where you need accommodation​ from your employer?
12 Aug 2019

Does Canada’s ‘No-Fly list’ engage our Charter Rights?

This blog post will discuss how the "Passenger Protection Program" engages our rights of liberty and due process.
12 Jun 2019

Impacts of Colonialism on Indigenous Children and Families in Manitoba

Manitoba, much like Canada, has a long history of separating Indigenous children from their families
26 Nov 2018

Winnipeg’s History: Rooster Town

From the early 1900s-1960, what is now Pan Am Pool, Grant Park Mall and High School was home to a Métis settlement.
15 Nov 2018

Geography and Experience: Shaping our Human Rights Education

Learning is a lifelong process which everyone engages with through formal and informal means.
25 Oct 2018

Impacts of Hydro on the Fabric of Northern Communities

For decades, Manitoba Hydro has been negatively impacting Northern communities.
22 Oct 2018

The Right to Housing in the Manitoban Context

In Manitoba, housing is an issue which impacts those who are most marginalized.
15 Oct 2018

The Accessibility of Portage and Main

​Winnipeg’s ongoing debate on the opening of Portage and Main has been of broad and current interest in the city.
5 Oct 2018
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