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Why do International students have to pay high tuition fees and even then they do not have free medical?
21 Apr 2022

What is The Manitoba Human Rights Commission?

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission receives and investigates complaints regarding Human Rights Code violations in Manitoba.
4 Feb 2021

Impacts of Colonialism on Indigenous Children and Families in Manitoba

Manitoba, much like Canada, has a long history of separating Indigenous children from their families
26 Nov 2018

Impacts of Hydro on the Fabric of Northern Communities

For decades, Manitoba Hydro has been negatively impacting Northern communities.
22 Oct 2018

The Right to Housing in the Manitoban Context

In Manitoba, housing is an issue which impacts those who are most marginalized.
15 Oct 2018

The Accessibility of Portage and Main

​Winnipeg’s ongoing debate on the opening of Portage and Main has been of broad and current interest in the city.
5 Oct 2018

Charter Rights for All - Stop Bill 24

MARL helps kickoff campaign dedicated to protecting and promoting Charter rights for all Manitobans, including the most marginalized
13 Jul 2018
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