Project Description

We are living through challenging times. We need to see that random acts of kindness exists to help us stay compassionate towards one another. Please submit your story, art, poetry or short video to Sandra at  Please be mindful of the right to privacy of others. While we will be experiencing more social isolation than normal, we want to create an avenue for people to celebrate the ways that we can connect and support each other in meaningful ways.

Entries will be shared on various digital platforms like MARL's website, Instagram and/or facebook page. Select stories, art and video's will be incorporated into digital workshops designed to create engagement and discussion on human rights issues within our communities in Manitoba.

Our First Story: 

Submitted by: Mario Dion

 Greetings, fellow hunkers-down! I know things seem a bit crazy out there, you may have seen reports of some unfortunate behaviors during what can be called an emergency situation. But I promise you, there are still shining examples of kindness and altruism.  

 Here is my story, short as it is: On the cusp of panic buying, when stores were crowded but not yet insane, a good friend of mine, expressing concern for my well-being due to a weakened respiratory system, offered to take me out to grab enough supplies to last out a few months of self-imposed isolation. I suppose you could say my story includes 2 examples, now that I think about it! But the one that struck both my friend and I is when we decided to wheel our laden carts over to the vitamin section. C and D were our objectives, but upon reaching the aisle, we found it wiped out of C! We walked back and forth, scanning in disbelief. Two other shoppers, an immigrant couple I presume, was also on the hunt for the same product, and when our carts passed, we took a moment to comment about our incredulity and disappointment, before we parted ways with smiles. Thinking that our efforts were for naught, my friend and I turned our carts around and moved throughout the store. A short while later, however, that same couple found us, and flagged us over. They explained that they had been able to find 2 bottles of Vitamin C, but they had been in a different section because they were chewables! And they gave us a bottle!!

Suggestion: Pay your hair stylist for a virtual haircut.

The CBC radio morning show was yucking it up about how funny we will all look with self-cut hair and gray roots showing after weeks of social distancing.  But I did not hear anyone say anything about the workers in hair salons.  If you do not have direct contact with your stylist, hopefully managers will take messages on the main phone line to make those connections.  I paid mine the other day by e-transfer since we book appointments directly by text.

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