Angle of Reality by Justine Ramos

Winnipeg Voices of Resilience & Stories of Courage aims to share the stories of some of the deliberately silenced within our society.
30 Oct 2022

Learn more about MARL's Practicum students 2022

We are excited to welcome practicum students! Get to know them better.
23 Jun 2022

Gaser (Bridge) by Izzeddin Hawamda

"There is no story that is not true," said Uchendu.
16 May 2022

The Cost of Doing Things Differently

Challenge yourself to see the world in a different and positive way.
21 Apr 2022


Why do International students have to pay high tuition fees and even then they do not have free medical?
21 Apr 2022

Can the Canadian Charter give us Climate Justice?

Is there any precedent for climate justice?
11 Feb 2022

Thank you, Fall 2021 Practicum Students

This fall, we had the pleasure of welcoming practicums students from universities across Manitoba.
21 Dec 2021

MARL’s NEW Executive Director, Dr. Sandra Krahn

Sandra is a Metis human rights educator with over 20 years of experience in educational organizations.
21 Oct 2021

Bill 64: “The Education Modernization Act”

What is Manitoba’s Bill 64? Would it truly “modernize” the K-12 public education system? Learn more about this embattled piece of legislation!
2 Sep 2021

My Last Day …

Before leaving, Michelle Falk, MARL’s former Executive Director, reflects on her time at MARL. Read to learn more.
23 Jul 2021

Bill 21: Targeting Racial and Religious Minorities in Canada

Quebec's secularism bill, also known as Bill 21, is one of controversy and serious human rights concerns. Learn more about Bill 21 in this article.
2 Jul 2021

Summer Practicum Students 2021: Leaders Ready to Contribute to Human Rights Education!

MARL welcomes five incredible students to our team. Read to learn more about the fantastic addition to our team this summer.
25 May 2021

The Right to Strike: The Charter and Challenges

The following blog post explores the link between the right to strike and human rights. Read to learn more!
24 May 2021

La modernisation du droit de la famille au Manitoba : Quels sont les changements?

Venez découvrir plus au sujet de la modernisation du droit de la famille au Manitoba. Il y a eu plusieurs changements importants. Apprenez en plus!
11 May 2021

What is Human Rights Education?

MARL’s work is built on the foundation of Human Rights Education (HRE). But what is HRE and how can it help achieve systemic equality?
29 Apr 2021

The Emergency Measures Act: Manitoba’s Legislative Response to COVID-19

In Manitoba, the COVID-19 pandemic led to the implementation of The Emergency Measures Act, a rare and powerful legislation. Read to learn more!
27 Apr 2021

Bill 16: The Labour Relations Amendment Act

Learn about Manitoba's Bill 16: The Labour Relations Amendment Act and how it could impact you.
26 Mar 2021

Manitoba High School Ethics Bowl 2021

In February 2021, MARL held its seventh Manitoba High School Ethics Bowl.
15 Mar 2021
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