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Grade 12 Health


The Rights of Youth

Through viewing photo essays, short film clips and reading the Rights of the Child, students analyze the relationships that affect a child’s ability to have access to their rights. [Relationships are presented as including friends, family, and social structures (such as government or schools).] Students reflect on which relationships affect them and which rights are connected with those relationships.

Grade 11 Health


Trends in the Media

Grade 10 Health


Local Eating

Students investigate local eating possibilities through researching local producers, presenting their information to the class and then creating a menu that includes food produced within a set radius. Students also discuss how transporting food long distances affects the consumer as well as its global effects. This lesson includes extension activities.

Grade 9 Health


Creating a Personal Code of Ethics

Through brainstorming, visualizing, and imagining, students contemplate who they want to be. They are encouraged to imagine the local and global effects of everyone working to be the person they want to be. Students share their thoughts in journal form.

Physical Education & Health

In a culture of human rights people treat each other with dignity, respect, and equality. A world where human rights are respected is a world free from violence and threat, where everyone has access to the basic necessities of life: clean water, food, clothing, shelter, warmth and medical care.

Personal Code of Ethics Reflections

What Do You Want to Leave as a Legacy of Your Life?