Dear MARL supporter,

As you may notice, the main colour has changed from blue to green. Green is the colour associated with energy, growth, renewal, harmony & youthfulness - all things we are collectively feeling as an organization. But don’t worry, we haven’t completely written out the past, and have kept blue as our secondary colour to remember where we came from. 
The past logo was a dove - the symbol of peace, which still resonates with the organization’s direction, just updated. Traditionally, in Japan, the origami crane is a symbol of hope and healing, but has also come to represent peace. The paired ideas reinforce MARL’s commitment to peace, hope and healing. 
And finally, you may notice that the acronym MARL is in a larger font than the full name itself. This is part of the long term strategy to promote the use of MARL over the Manitoba Association of Rights and Liberties as more approachable and user friendly. I’m not sure how many of you have used Manitoba Association of Rights and Liberties in everyday conversation, but I have, and can assure you it is a mouthful. We’re taking direction from other agencies (MPI, MTS, etc) and hope MARL becomes a recognizable acronym across the province. 
We hope you are as excited about our new look and direction as we are. I would also like to thank our amazing graphic design volunteer, Neil Akemi, who completely nailed the design and seems to have put the pulse of the organization into this new look. 

Natalie Wiebe,
Recording Secretary | Board of Directors
Manitoba Association for Rights & Liberties

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