Community Education 

MARL has a long history of events that build community education of human rights and inspire action for rights and liberties in the province. Events such as our Annual Human Rights Film Festival, Multiculturalism Day panels and discussion, as well as past events like the PhotoVoice Project, are all important MARL projects.

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MARL is dedicated to raising awareness for rights and liberties. We focus strongly on youth empowerment through workshops and activities that measurably increase awareness of human rights and civil liberties.

Educational Workshops

The Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties offers workshops in schools on human rights issues important to Manitobans.  Workshops are developed for grades 5 - 12 on a variety of subjects. Are you an educator in Manitoba, and want to learn more? Contact us.

Prefer to lead your own workshop? We also have free teacher tools for educators across the entire province. Find out more here!

Professional Development 

Organizations are stronger when all staff and customers are treated with dignity and respect. MARL can help you to assess the diversity training needs and challenges specific to your organization. We can also collaborate with you to design strategies to promote trust, respect, and an inclusive work environment. In our workshops, we encourage openness and critical engagement with human rights concepts to uncover unconscious biases and foster non-judgmental yet honest dialogue. 

Educational Events

MARL runs several community events focused on ethics, which are designed to foster dialogue and critical thinking around our shared rights. MARL works in partnership with the University of Manitoba's Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics on several events taking place throughout the year for varying age groups.

High School Ethics Bowl

An Ethics Bowl is both a collaborative and competitive event, where teams of  students analyze and discuss ethical dilemmas. They imagine, criticize, and compare bold strategies, and may even amend their original positions when faced with convincing arguments. Students have opportunities to pose and respond to probing questions, which results in a deepening awareness of the stakes and principles that animate the discussion.

The unique, collegial dynamic of an Ethics Bowl encourages students to teach and learn from one another as they take part in courageous conversations about ethical issues. This process emphasizes the skills of communication and collaboration: critical thinking, active listening, articulation and expression, open-mindedness, and respectful dialogue and disagreement. Students engage actively with peers as they share diverse views, challenge ideas and assumptions, and deepen understandings. MARL hosts the annual Manitoba Regional High School Ethics Bowl every December.

The Schafer Ethics Slam

A chance for community members to compete to test their ethical dialogue and thinking skills, the Ethics Slam is a fun community event held once a year. 

Learn more about The Schafer Ethics Slam with the Rules and Format.  

Ethics Cafés

Throughout the year, MARL hosts a variety of Ethics Cafés. They provide an opportunity for critical dialogue on significant ethical issues faced by society and are open to anyone from the public to join. The virtual event is typically centered on 3 discussion questions and moderated by an expert on the issue. Participants join the main session and are later assigned into smaller breakout groups to discuss the question. Groups may be pre-assigned or randomly placed so folks can meet different people throughout the event. Finally, groups come together to share their insights and main discussion points, concluding with a final group discussion at the end of the Café. MARL has covered a variety of topics in the past including:

  • Covid-19 and Racism
  • Gender Equality in the 21st Century
  • Ethical Issues In Social Activism
  • Nuclear Weapons and Climate Change
  • Journalism in the Russian invasion of Ukraine

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